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About M-PACT

M-PACT is a partnership between the university and its community, bringing non-standard mathematics education to under-privileged secondary students in the Sacramento area.

This partnership is founded on two principles:

1) Mathematics is empowering and serves more than just to help you add up the cost of your groceries while you’re at the store.

2) Mathematics thrives on diverse thought processes, and hence we must strive to diversify the mathematical community, starting at the school level.

What does “non-standard” math look like? Expect to see lots of props, lots of interaction between students, lots of discussion and plenty of discovery. The point is to learn how to think critically and to build up mathematical knowledge in a natural, organic way.

So far, we are serving the Smythe Academy middle school in the Twin Rivers school district. Every week, professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students come and run a fun and interactive learning activity in mathematics for interested school students. The key aspects of the program include:

  • Thursday math activity 3-4PM at the Smythe Academy (see the schedule for details)
  • Opportunity for school students to interact with university students and faculty and to learn more about college
  • Yearly field trip for school students to the UC Davis campus in the spring

Have a question? Want to say hi? Email us at mpact@math.ucdavis.edu.